Warner/Chappell Production Music StudioYou’ve watched your local news before, right? You know the music that opens the newscast, or how about the music used during the weather segment? It has a distinct signature sound that helps brand the station’s identity within its market. This is what TV News Music is, and it also happens to be a specialty of Warner/Chappell Production Music.

TV News Music

TV News Music is also a major aspect of the Production Music industry. News Music is created or licensed specifically for the broadcaster’s Newscasts. Warner/Chappell Production Music has years of experience creating memorable “Sonic Brands” for our clients. What is a “Sonic Brand,” you may ask? Typically, Sonic Brands are identifiable three to eight note “logos” that viewers instantly associate with a specific news broadcast or channel; (think the NBC chimes). The music can also highlight or intensify the news broadcast. You may notice when a news anchor is talking about a serious subject the music in the background becomes more dramatic and vice-versa, when the subject matter has a lighter tone the music reflects that subject. These are often referred to as “Hard News” and “Soft News” themes.

News Music Catalogs

Warner/Chappell Production Music offers several legendary catalogs of News Music. The two main catalogs being 615 News Music and Non-Stop News. Both catalogs have been in the News Music business for over 35 years and have numerous awards, including multiple Emmys®. These catalogs have established Warner/Chappell Production Music as the industry’s number one supplier of News Music for local television stations, cable systems and broadcast groups. With 75+ News Music packages available for licensing, and the ability to create Custom Music for any station’s needs, Warner/Chappell Production Music is truly a leader in Sonic Branding.

Custom Music

Warner/Chappell Production Music StudioIn addition to existing packages available for licensing, Warner/Chappell Production Music is also a leading Custom Music resource. With our two state-of-the-art recording studios in both Nashville and Salt Lake City, and our emphasis on “Live” musicians playing “real” instruments, Warner/Chappell Production Music composes, records, and delivers Custom Music for any broadcaster’s musical needs, be it Sonic Branding, station promos, or a complete station image campaigns. We’re capable of creating anything from a traditional, live orchestral style package to the most contemporary rock/indie/electronic genres. Listen for yourself. Real music makes all the difference.

News Music Clients

Warner/Chappell Production Music has worked with numerous clients such as ABC News, NBC’s Today Show, NBC Nightly News, WGN, CNN, ESPN and hundreds of local news stations. An interesting fact about our News Music is it is heard by millions of people every single day!

Our TV News Music Work

Check out our TV News Music page, which features audio montages of our News Music packages. Feel free to contact Mark Agent at mark.agent@warnerchappellpm.com or call 1-888-615-8729 for any of your TV New Music needs. Whether it’s an existing, proven package or a new Custom package created specifically for you, our news music builds loyal audiences. We’re a worldwide leader in news themes, but don’t take out word for it! Just ask our clients.