Warner/Chappell Production Music StudioProduction Music is all around us. Did you watch the local news today? Did you see the latest trailer for your favorite movie? See a commercial advertising your favorite brand’s new product? Chances are the music you heard was Production Music.

Production Music

So, what exactly is Production Music? A simple definition would be “recorded music licensed to customers for use in film, television, radio and other media.” While this definition is accurate, the truth is that Production Music is becoming so much more. In an age of rapid-fire productions and decreased budgets, Production Music has filled a musical void for producers, story-tellers, ad agencies and more. Over the years, the quality of Production Music has increased in artistic and production value. TV shows, films and commercials no longer have to shell out massive amounts of money to place quality music in their productions. This is when content creators turn to production music libraries like Warner/Chappell Production Music to heighten their productions with professionally produced music.

Custom Music

Custom Music is one of the cornerstones of Production Music. It’s exactly what it sounds like…music created specifically for a client. The project can use this Custom Music for any production purpose such as in film trailers, TV shows, commercial advertisements, video games and more. Warner/Chappell Production Music is one of the only major players to have its own recording studios. We create unique, powerful, memorable and ratings-enhancing music for networks, television stations, film studios, film trailer houses, program producers, advertising agencies and more. We deliver quickly and effectively for almost any musical need, including original custom music for promos, TV programs, trailers, video games and more.

TV News Music

TV News Music is also a major aspect of the Production Music industry. News Music is created or licensed specifically for broadcast news channels. Warner/Chappell Production Music create memorable “Sonic Brands” for our clients. Sonic Brands are identifiable musical pieces that viewers instantly associate with a specific news broadcast or channel. A perfect example is the tones used for NBC. You don’t need to be watching TV to know you’re on NBC because the tones are so identifiable. These news packages can also highlight or intensify the news broadcast. You may notice when a news anchor is talking about a serious subject the music in the background becomes more dramatic and vice-versa, when the subject is a lighter subject the music reflects that subject. These are often referred to as “Hard News” and “Soft News” packages.

Library Music

Warner/Chappell Production Music StudioLibrary Music is one of the bread and butters of Production Music. Warner/Chappell Production Music have libraries containing over 198,000 tracks covering every style, genre and mood imaginable. Want classical music from the 1800’s? They’ve got it. Need swampy, delta blues? You can find it here. Companies who may not have the time or resources to create Custom Music can typically search through Warner/Chappell Production Music’s libraries via the WCPM search site and find tracks that complement their upcoming project. Warner/Chappell Production Music’s search site is extremely user-friendly and responds well to key words. These key words help narrow down a search so the potential client can get the best results in a more efficient manner.

As you can tell, the Production Music industry is a very specific and targeted industry. There many ins and outs, but more information can always be obtained at warnerchappellpm.com. If you still have any questions you can always call 1-888-615-8729 or email info@warnerchappellpm.com.

Warner/Chappell Production Music is happy to be part of the Warner/Chappell Music family.