Pedigree cuts is a production library founded by Alex Rizzo & Elliot Ireland (aka Skeewiff/Shaft/Ikon). It was created with the sole purpose of giving proliferous commercial artists a musical and creative outlet, without the economic and creative constraints imposed by commercial record companies.

At Pedigree cuts we leave the artists to decide what to write and how to achieve it whilst offering up our West London studios for tracking and mixing if need be. The relaxed and writer driven focus of the label has attracted many world renowned acts: The ever expanding family of Pedigree writers includes Goldie, Finley Quaye, Ulrich Schnauss, The Brand New Heavies, Kid Creme, Shawn Lee, Charlie May, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Ian Britt, Boca 45, Skeewiff & Lemon.

We will be celebrating our 70th release this year. Here’s to the next 70!


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