Warner/Chappell Production Music is a worldwide leader in music and sound design specifically tailored to commercials, advertising agencies and ad campaigns. Warner/Chappell Production Music has over 90 + catalogs of award-winning music along with two state-of-the-art studios in Salt Lake City and Nashville that give Warner/Chappell Production Music the ability to custom create any genre of music. Warner/Chappell Production Music has also worked with numerous ad agencies and placed music in commercials for the world’s most well-known brands.

Our music has been featured in commercials for companies as wide and diverse as Amazon, McDonalds, Apple, Geico, Kohl’s, BMW, Ford, Nerf, Google, Slim Jim, Burger King, Lego, Dell, Oakley, Victoria’s Secret, Kellogg’s and many more.

Whether it’s an action-packed commercial, a family-friendly product or a comedic ad campaign, Warner/Chappell Production Music has the music that can help enhance and create brand-loyalty for any production.

For licensing information, please email info@warnerchappellpm.com or call 888.615.8729.

Below are some examples of the great companies who have put their trust in our music.