In 1996, Dain Blair launched Groove Addicts out of the ashes of his former partnership with Jeff Koz at Who Did That Music. Dain wanted to throw his solo efforts into a more expansive, ambitious music house, which also represented some of the most elite feature film composers for commercials. At the same time, he launched the Groove Addicts Production Music Catalog, which eventually included the Full Tilt movie trailer series along with Gravity, Ignite, Revolucion and fourteen other Production Music Libraries that contained over fifty thousand top quality music cues available before being sold to Warner/Chappell Music in 2010.

Other divisions of Groove Addicts included TV scoring for episodic and reality TV series, commercials, video games and radio and television imaging. Dain along with composer Brad Chiet have co-written on such TV shows as Extreme Makeover Home Edition for ABC, Deal Or No Deal for NBC, Extreme Makeover (plastic surgery version) for ABC, Supper Nanny and The Goode Family also for ABC and numerous other successful TV shows.

Groove Addicts also completed its first video game score for Splinter Cell – Conviction, one of the most popular online video games from Ubisoft. Commercial projects include national spots for Disney campaign composed by James Newton Howard, Mountain Dew spot composed by Trevor Rabin, three HBO shorts composed by Thomas Newman, Exxon spots written by James Horner, seventeen Mitsubishi car commercials composed by Stewart Copeland, ten Nissan spots created by Danny Elfman. Groove Addicts has also been privileged to work with B.B. King, Jose Feliciano and Patti LaBelle for the One Touch Diabetes monitor campaign.

Click here to read more about the Groove Addicts Library and to hear an audio montage.

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