Fontana Music Library contains huge variety of unique music and styles which makes it highly original worldwide. Since the early 90´s the Fontana focuses on the world, traditional and ethnic music such as Middle Eastern, Asian or Australian folk, all composed and arranged by the native authors and performed by musicians with their original skills.

Fontana also provides other specialties such as solo instruments albums, funeral music, comic, gypsy, film score music and many other specific and rare pieces. Everything clients ask for is offered in this production music library containing more than 300 albums now and still growing bigger every year!

Fontana Classic Collection
Fontana Classic presents fabulous collection of world famous Czech classical artists such as Dvorak, Smetana or Fibich. No matter if you are looking for a well-known background music that will ring in your ears or a famous epic film score – these legendary live symphonies are what make this library absolutely essential!


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