Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Color TV to our award-winning catalogue! Created by legendary German musician, Curt Cress, Color TV is one of the most in-demand libraries in Europe. Comprised of over 14,000 tracks, Color TV is the definitive library when it comes to music for TV productions, promos, trailers and more.

Kicking off with seven discs, Color TV shows its eclectic mix of tracks for all of your imaginations. After these seven initial albums, we will release two new albums every two weeks without any breaks…that’s how much music this catalogue has.

Fun fact about Curt Cress: Curt has played on 12,000 published recordings that have sold 400 million records! He’s played with legendary artists such as Tina Turner, Meat Loaf, The Scorpions and Freddie Mercury!

CTV1001 CTV1002 CTV1003

CTV1004 CTV1005 sectret-sevice CTV1007

For licensing inquiries email us or call 02079385551.

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