Stock music? We don’t think so, and neither do composers Chris Jones and Flavio Lemelle. We sat down with the two composers to discuss the release of their new Promo Accelerator album, the needs of all productions and the importance of edit points.

You’ve been composing for Promo Accelerator for some time now. What makes this catalog so special?

Flavio: We’ve composed 13 albums for Promo Accelerator with each having 20 tracks so that’s 260 tracks and counting! This catalog is special for two reasons: The first is that sonically it’s unique and custom made from the ground up. Secondly, the music is arranged and constructed to have endless visual moments and edit points that an editor can match up to his production. This helps clients’ productions have a “custom scored” look and feel.

Chris: I agree. The sounds are custom designed from the get-go to meet the specific needs of the production. We load the tracks with tons of edit points, visual interest, and clear emotions.

You’ve composed albums as varied as Living Lifestyle, Guitar Forward, Shifting Drama and more, how does High Energy Attitude stack up to your previous albums?

Flavio: This release is all out adrenaline and in-your-face. Guitar Forward, Shifting Drama and Vital Disturbance have moments of in-your-face too but with different emotions and for different purposes. This one is about abandon, conquering, youth and vigor.

Chris: Agreed again! Those aforementioned albums, which also carry the same attention-grabbing qualities have entertainment and drama uses within. The High Energy Attitude album will take on and support any emotion in the video because they’re pure energy.

Walk us through how you create. Does it start with a riff? Does it come natural or do you just sit down and say it’s time to write?

Flavio: I don’t wait for inspiration, I sit down and search it out. Sometimes it’s thru a track concept that I use as a roadmap, sometimes it’s thru a process of sound creation that involves random operations and chance, other times it might be an imaginary spot that I have playing in my head.

Chris: It really depends. I use all the techniques Flavio mentioned. Sometimes I need to meditate first, just to access something unique in my own creative subconscious. Other times, I just create sounds and noises until something sounds compelling, and follow it down the rabbit hole! But the whole time, I try to NEVER lose sight of the brief or emotional thesis statement of the album.

How do you see High Energy Attitude being used? What type of productions?

Flavio: Sports, action, endurance situations, the human spirit going against the grain to shine as bright and be as loud as it can!

Chris: And stuff literally exploding on the beat!

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