Production Music – Dell

2013/12/20 No Comments

Dell may have a new advantage rewards program, but we’re glad they decided to take advantage of our excellent music! This new web spot utilizes our “Drawing Art” from our TRX library! Get the advantage by watching this spot.

Production Music – Polaris

2013/11/11 No Comments

So, the holidays are right around the corner, and we’ve found our ideal gift! Anyone who feels like buying this eM1400 from Polaris for our office is more than welcome to! Check out this promo, which utilizes our “Fire in Heaven” track from Adrenalin.

Production Music for Pro Mini Hoop

2013/11/01 No Comments

Well, we know what our office is getting for the holidays! This national spot for Pro Mini Hoop goes hard in the paint with our “Hottest Girl” track from The Funky Junkies. Step up your game by watching this spot!

Production Music For Clorox

2013/10/28 No Comments

No one ever said cleanliness and music go together, but they sure do in these new Clorox spots. Clorox thought our “Breezin’ Along” track from Image was so nice, they used it twice! Uh-oh, these spots just reminded us that we need to clean our house!  Round two!

Production Music for Slim Jim

2013/10/02 No Comments

Did you know billions of men are suffering from male spice loss? These men need our help! Watch this new spot, which features “Eternal Glory” from our Fontana library, to find out how to become a Slim Jim donor. It’s so easy it’s dumb.

Production Music for KitchenAid

2013/09/18 No Comments

Is it lunch, yet? This commercial is making us hungry! The new Diamond Blender from KitchenAid is blending our “Care Free” track from Adrenalin right into their new commercial. Bon appetit!

These Guys Are Good Promo

2013/08/19 No Comments

Apparently, this guy is good. Congrats to Jason Dufner for winning the PGA Championship! Check out this promo featuring our “Swamp On Swamp Off” track from Amphibious Zoo. We like to think that our music helped Jason pull off the victory!

Production Music for “Life Is Good” Festival Promo

2013/07/31 No Comments

When music brings people together to help children in need then life truly is good. We are proud that our Grey Area Sound (GAS) track, “Back Home Again,” is featured in this promo for the “Life Is Good” festival. Good vibes do save lives!

Production Music for MLB Network Promo

2013/06/20 No Comments

Check out this MLB Network Spot featuring a custom version of Amphibious Zoo’s “Going Out With a Bang”! You’ll be seeing this spot all over the MLB Network West Coast coverage. We’re proud to have been part of this great custom collaboration with MLB and Amphibious Zoo’s fantastic production team. Your browser does not support … Read More