EDM Chill Album Preview

February 6, 2018 No Comments

EDM Chill from Elbroar offers a relaxing and cool experience for the listener. Find yourself in a chill daydream, a youthful club, or an energetic catwalk with this exciting new album. httpvh://youtu.be/iST4Wlk3HQc Listen To Full Album: https://goo.gl/cpEHBi For Licensing Inquiries: info@warnerchappellpm.com

Xtreme Sport Themes Album Preview

February 6, 2018 No Comments

Xtreme Sport Themes from Elbroar is the sports music you’ve been looking for. With shredding guitars and pumping beats, this aggressive album is perfect for dramatic sports and action. httpvh://youtu.be/SthvU_3nt6I Listen To Full Album: https://goo.gl/gLNXox For Licensing Inquiries: info@warnerchappellpm.com

Epic Emotions Album Preview

February 6, 2018 No Comments

Let Epic Emotions from Elbroar take you on an epic odyssey with powerful orchestral scores. Perfect for emotional moments and intense adventure. Make any scene heroic. httpvh://youtu.be/8mj6NKPlkHY Listen To Full Album: https://goo.gl/DqYHNg For Licensing Inquiries: info@warnerchappellpm.com

Uncovering A.I. with Roberto Borzoni

January 30, 2018 No Comments

Originally posted by Fatema Jairaj on the Warner/Chappell Production Music UK blog Inspired by the love of sci-fi and fascination of android domination, Creative Director of WCPM UK, Roberto Borzoni, set out to create an original album capturing the very best of bionic synths and dramatic digital footprints. A.I.is a captivating sci-fi adventure covering dystopian … Read More

New Albums from Pedigree Cuts

January 22, 2018 No Comments

PEDF098 – Golden Era Hip-Hop – This retro throwback is 100% authentic slice of old school Hip-Hop with righteous and uplifting jams by the influential Jungle Brothers member Afrika Baby Bam and funk-inspired beats by electro-maestro Skeewiff. PEDF099 – Cult Soundtrack Guitar – We love this new desert rock album from Pedigree cuts! Perfect music … Read More

Dance with TRX

January 22, 2018 No Comments

TRX143 – Dancehall – The dance album heads to beautiful Jamaica to incorporate some of those island vibes. Radiating with positivity this dance record showcases elements of musical genres like reggae, dub and dancehall. TRX144 – Future Bass – Welcome to the future of dance music. These sunny beats from the future bring attitude and … Read More

“Unbreakable” Music Video

January 17, 2018 No Comments

Welcome to the world of Epica! Powerful orchestral arrangements packed with fierce action & great emotions will take you on a grand journey through light and darkness. Larger-than-life hybrid orchestral themes, enormous drums, pulsing synth lines, dramatic male vocal hymns. You’ll find heroism, determination, sorrow and fear. Watch the music video for “Unbreakable.” httpvh://youtu.be/-83C17pb8vE Listen … Read More

Win A MacBook Air

December 4, 2017 No Comments

THIS CONTEST HAS NOW ENDED. THANKS FOR ENTERING! It’s the holidays…and we prefer to give rather than to receive. So, here you go, we’re giving away a MacBook Air! The contest starts on December 4th and ends December 8th. No hoops to jump through. No stupid games you have to play. Just fill in your … Read More