Production Music – Dell

2013/12/20 No Comments

Dell may have a new advantage rewards program, but we’re glad they decided to take advantage of our excellent music! This new web spot utilizes our “Drawing Art” from our TRX library! Get the advantage by watching this spot.

Production Music – GameStop

2013/12/18 No Comments

Look at us riding dirty in this new GameStop holiday commercial! That’s right, this spot is bumping “The Fighter” from our Non-Stop Hip-Hop 1 disc. A Merry Christmas, indeed.

Production Music – Kohl’s

2013/12/06 No Comments

The holidays are a time for family, tradition, celebration…and shopping! Fill up your shopping cart with this Kohl’s commercial featuring “Grit” from Amphibious Zoo.

Production Music – Sylvan Learning

2013/11/20 No Comments

What did you learn today? Today, we learned our “I Equals Us” track from 615 Platinum Series is used in two Sylvan Learning spots. See, you do learn something new every day!

Production Music – Coke Zero

2013/11/15 No Comments

The language of football is something we’re very familiar with. Throw in a refreshing Coke Zero and our “Men in Uniform” track from Scoring Stage, and you’ve got one tasty combination.

Production Music – CDW

2013/11/08 No Comments

We could all use a little help sometimes, right? That’s what CDW is here for! This new national spot includes our “Clever Cogs” track from our In-spired library. Be one of the people who “get it” by watching this promo!

Production Music for Pro Mini Hoop

2013/11/01 No Comments

Well, we know what our office is getting for the holidays! This national spot for Pro Mini Hoop goes hard in the paint with our “Hottest Girl” track from The Funky Junkies. Step up your game by watching this spot!

Production Music For Clorox

2013/10/28 No Comments

No one ever said cleanliness and music go together, but they sure do in these new Clorox spots. Clorox thought our “Breezin’ Along” track from Image was so nice, they used it twice! Uh-oh, these spots just reminded us that we need to clean our house!  Round two!

Production Music for Slim Jim

2013/10/02 No Comments

Did you know billions of men are suffering from male spice loss? These men need our help! Watch this new spot, which features “Eternal Glory” from our Fontana library, to find out how to become a Slim Jim donor. It’s so easy it’s dumb.

Production Music for KitchenAid

2013/09/18 No Comments

Is it lunch, yet? This commercial is making us hungry! The new Diamond Blender from KitchenAid is blending our “Care Free” track from Adrenalin right into their new commercial. Bon appetit!