For this month’s catalog spotlight, we hit the ground running with Promo Accelerator. Promo Accelerator showcases an updated, fresh, and distinctive sound and approach to library music. Unique sonics, edit-ability, loop-ability, smart arrangements, evolving storytelling and visual moments/sweetening are the concepts/ideas we bring to every track. We also pride ourselves in creating custom sounds and recording our own instruments so that our tracks always have a sound and feel that video editors won’t find anywhere else!

The latest release is Offbeat Emotion (PA031) and will be followed with a high energy/attitude/sports release (PA032) and then a light activity/informational release (PA033). Be on the lookout!

Several projects have called upon Promo Accelerator to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to projects like Citrix, BuzzFeed and more. The ever-popular BuzzFeed really digs Promo Accelerator since they’ve been featured in over 20 videos!

Featured Placement – BuzzFeed – “Strummer Rock Summer” – PA025

For licensing inquiries email or call 1.888.615.8729.

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