We recently sat down with one of the composers, Lee White, to discuss the making of this new album:

• What is this album about?

Crystallised fuses raw energetic production with detailed and emotional vocal delivery. Its contrasting palette of gritty sounds and ethereal warmth emanates emotion and mood. It has been a true collaborative process putting together this record: each player adding energy and color to the project. The vision for each track formed freely, but somehow always with an unspoken understanding between the writers.”

• What does this new link with Warner/Chappell Production Music represent?

“It represents an opportunity to project our music to a section of the industry that we have previously been unable to reach. It’s great to have already had our work synced with major brands such as Reebok, NFL & Fox Network and look forward to growing our catalog and gaining further exposure.”

• What were the challenges putting this all together?

“The music is the easy part. Getting everyone together at a time when everyone is available is not! It is a testament to their skills and many late nights!”

• Any interesting notes about people who contributed to this record?

Cappo (the MC) is some kind of literary wizard. Most of the lyrics on the record were formed purely out of conversation we had in the studio. Then M who has been at the forefront of the UK Grime scene has elevated his status with his recording and mix collaborations with the likes of 2016 Mercury Prize winning artist Skepta as well as JME, Professor Green and Boy Better Know.

For licensing inquiries email or call 1.888.615.8729.

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