Below are the new releases to the 615 Music catalog for May 2010. Click here to instantly search and download on the 615 Music Search.

New Releases

SFL1187 – Cowboy Campfire Songs
Dusty Old West and Spaghetti Western cowboy songs, from the prairie to the saloon to the campfire.

SS-022 – Dramatic Underscores Vol. 1
A collection of documentary, mood setting music beds from somber to inspiring.

SS-023 – Dramatic Underscores Vol. 2
A selection of background, mood setting music beds perfect for television shows and documentary projects.

PA-021 – Epic Drums – Action
A collection of epic sounding tracks with heavy drums and percussion.

ADC116 – Seasons Go By
Graceful and relaxing guitar ballads, accompanied with violin and accordion. Celtic atmosphere.

ADC117 – TV Screen .2
Orchestral pieces for series, shows & documentaries

LSM006 – Quirksville
Freaky ditties to meet your bizarre needs!

LSM007 – Sound Stories Vol. 1
Ramp ups and grooves perfect for your film score needs.

LSM008 – Sound Stories Vol. 2
A collection of tonal layers and grooves.

UCD011 – Textures & Dark Moods
A collection of dark, moody music beds and textures with sound design treatments.

ESE013 Female Vocal FX
An elegant assortment of female vocal FX both solo and ensemble

ESE014 – Dramatic Harp FX
A mysterious assortment of melodic and discordant harp FX

ESE015 – Dramatic Cello
A poignant collection of solo cello performances

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